About the project

 Space Weather.Ru is a project of Space plasma physics department of Space Research Institute

The project includes

  1. Development of methods and algorithms of space weather forecasts
    • Short term magnetic storm forecast
    • Short term solar flare forecast
  2. Development of archiving and visualization tools for space weather data
    • Data retrieval and processing systems, supporting real-time forecasts
    • Visualization systems
  3. Information and outreach
    • Outreach publications
    • Catalogue of Russian space weather-related institutions and data sources
    • Posters in IKI exhibition hall


External funding sources

  • Microsoft Research, 2010-2011, Joint project "Short-term space weather forecast"
  • Program of Presidium of Russian Academy of Science P-4, 2006-2010
  • State program   "scientific and pedagogical support",  2009-2010
  • RFBR 09-05-90900, 2009



2011: New version of Spaceweather.ru site

   Now bilingual, with more content and under CMS

2009: Update of references. Many small corrections

   Datasets, new locations

2017: Extended geomagnetic storm forecast

   Transfer from ACE to DSCOVR real-time data of magnetic field and solar wind speed