Format of ACE plots

Description of plot panels:

  1. IMF GSM Bz and B magnitude (nT)
    Bz is color coded:
    green: Northward Bz
    yellow: Small Southward Bz
    red: Large Southward Bz < -10 nT
  2. Phi angle of IMF vector in YZ GSM plane (degrees)
  3. Solar Wind Density Ni (#/cc)
    Ni is color coded:
    green: Ni < 20 #/cc
    yellow: Ni = 20-50 #/cc
    red: Ni > 50 #/cc
  4. Solar wind Velocity Vi (km/s)
  5. Delay: Expected arrival delay assuming ACE to Earth distance of 235 RE
  6. Data gap code:
    green: No gap
    red: Gap in MAG and/or SWEPAM data
  7. Substorm prediction code:
    Blue: Quiet
    green: Small substorm
    yellow: Large substorm
    red: Storm-time substorm
  8. Storm prediction code:
    Blue: Quiet
    green: Weak storm
    yellow: Intense Storm
    red: Major storm
  9. Dst Geomagnetic index prediction
    Dst is color coded:
    green: Dst > -50 nT
    yellow: Dst = -50 - -100 nT
    red: Dst < -100 nT
  10. Eac Epsilon parameter integral over interval with input power > 1010 Watt
    Eac is color coded:
    green: Eac < 1016 J
    yellow: Eac = 1016 - 1017 J
    red: Eac > 1017 J